Father’s Day Project

Last week and this week we have been working on our fathers day project.

Our fathers day projects are Wood Cubes with stain and pictures of our dad’s on them.

Today we just finished wrapping them and are taking them home today.

But we have to be careful that our dad’s don’t see them.


Well Bye For Now

Bye: Alyssa 🙂

Shrek The Musical


This Monday we went on a trip to Hill park secondary school to see Shrek The Musical!

This play Was performed By  kids all over the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board.

It was a very good Musical. It featured some parts that were not even in the movie. So it was

very Interesting.


Well Bye For Now


Bye: Alyssa 🙂


smoking is like sitting

Today I am going to talk about how smoking is just like sitting

Sitting is just like smoking because people who smoke say it is addicting an dis hard to


Sitting in the other hand is just as addicting as smoking because if you sit down you don’t

feel like getting up off the couch. people who smoke just fell like smoking and nothing


The negative effects of smoking are lung cancer, heart deseise, kidney desiese and many

more cancers that can spread to other body parts!

The negative effects of sitting are  lazy habits watching TV  and much much more! 

All those effects can effect how much exercise you get in a day.


Well bye for know

Bye: Alyssa 🙂

Mother’s Day projects

For the last few days we have been working on Mother’s Day projects

the project was gratitude buckets.  You could either put gratitudes or coupons in it.

my design was yellow tissue paper in and around it. Then I put a blue ribbon around the

bottom of it. Then I attached the letter L to the ribbon. Then I put coupons for Mother’s



Well bye for now

Alyssa 🙂

First Nations and Early Explorers!

For the last few weeks we have been learning about the First Nations and Early

Explorers!We have been Answering questions and reading abut them in Nelson

Literacy 6 a. It is very interesting learning about them because I personally love learning

about The first Nations who lived here on this land. I love Seeing the pictures of The First

Nations, and listening about the teacher talk about the First Nations.

Well bye for now…

Alyssa 🙂


Science Experiment

A few weeks ago Mrs. Radonicich  announced that we will be doing science experiments that have to do with the body so what she asked us to do was write down any ” I Wonder” questions, And whatever your question or questions were you would be doing that for our experiment so my question was how much air can your lungs hold? So I did my experiment on how much air your lungs hold so What I did was on the day before the experiment I asked Mrs.Radonicich to get I some balloons for my experiment. So on the day of the experiment I got  2 people to blow up balloons with one huge breath and see how much air there lungs can hold.

well that’s all for now

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Run 4 change

This may our class is running in a 5 km run called run for change it is around the harbor front bay.  and it helps the kids who don’t have enough money to buy supplies for school and go to school so each person who runs donates money to those kids in this neighbor hood: Hamilton. So Just remember how lucky you are to be in school and have supplies for school too.

Bye for now,

Alyssa 🙂

Hello Again it is Alyssa with a new update for my blog. If you want to know where it is it is under the category of literacy.

So in literacy we have been  reading a book Called: Wonder and it is about a kid named August Pullman our as his family calls him (Auggie).But Auggie is not just an ordinary kid he has something special about him he has a deformed face and but he has not gone to a real school until now he is starting at a real school instead of being home schooled until now he is starting at: Beacher Prep middle school and he is terrified that everyone is going to laugh at him because if his face but no he made a good friend named Jack- Will and he makes Auggie really happy knowing that he has somebody that won’t laugh at him because of his face. But there is another kid named: Julian and he picks on Auggie and Jack- Will  because he is Auggie’s friend. What I learned from the book Wonder that Jack- Will Was starting to betray Auggie But then He Became Auggie’s friend again and he ad Auggie became best friends and then on the nature reserve Jack Will, Myles and Henry stood up for Auggie and defended him when a bunch of 7th graders bullied him.

Well that’s all for now

Bye: Alyssa 🙂